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We’re passionate freelancers and problem-solvers. And now we’re bringing readily available technology, data and insight specialists to companies the world over.

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MeasureMatch is an on-demand marketplace where companies can post marketing technology, data management, analytics and insight projects for amazing independent consultants and consultancies to service.

We founded the company to address a number of acute problems all too commonly experienced by companies trying to advance their digital marketing, measurement, insight and customer experience capabilities. These problems include:

    Technology vendors: SaaS or otherwise, they provide powerfully valuable products, but many do not have, nor do they want to have, the headcount to service the companies that buy or subscribe to their software. If they do have the headcount, their primary goals are to sign more contracts and generate incremental revenue.

MeasureMatch Experts on-demand help to fill this gap.

    Supply & Demand: Independent technology, analytics and insight services providers, while in considerable demand, are, silly as it may seem, very hard for companies to find when they’re needed. This is partly due to a shortage of supply, but the real reason is disorganization on both sides.

MeasureMatch helps to address this problem.

    Verification: There is little to no independent data for companies to verify the quality of the contingent workers or consultancies in advance of buying their services.

MeasureMatch screening processes and ratings system help here, too.

    Feast or Famine: Independent consultants, freelancers and consultancies are hungry for work and growth, but they all-too-commonly don’t dedicate time or resources to sales and marketing, so they regularly experience feast-or-famine revenue cycles.

MeasureMatch is committed to attracting and retaining the best and most valuable companies, and their projects, for our community of Experts.

Our Vision

Optimal and personalized customer experiences are technology and data-driven, but most of the world’s businesses are nowhere close. MeasureMatch is determined to become the destination for those organizations to find and hire amazing independent technology, data and insight experts directly, on demand and from anywhere on planet earth to more quickly achieve and advance beyond their business goals.

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The Team

James Sandoval

MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Matt O’Neill

Founding Advisor & Investor European GM for The Media Trust

Shubu Mitra

Founding Advisor & Investor Director, Connection Planning Effectiveness & Productivity at The Coca-Cola Company

Maggie Finch

Board of Advisors Entrepreneur & Advisor

Emma Marlow

Board of Advisors Director, DemonLlama Limited

Peter O’Neill

Board of Advisors Founder, MeasureCamp, Founder & CEO, L3 Analytics

James Dutton

Board of Advisors Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Resolution Media, Omnicom Media Group