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MeasureMatch is a two-sided professional services marketplace that is designed to make it easier for companies to find and hire high-quality Experts who are especially skilled in the areas of marketing technology, marketing analytics and market research. Many of these Experts are independent practitioners, but also part of independent consultancies and other types of services organizations.

Broadly, the services available from MeasureMatch Experts fall into three core areas of value: Technology, Analytics and Research. You could further segment these services down to advisory and execution services. Advisory services might encompass strategic guidance or solution design. Execution services might include systems implementation, configuration and/or integration. Using Marketing Technology as an example, because we are marketing and commerce focused, companies might choose to use MeasureMatch to find an Expert who can support or lead the deployment of a system like Decibel Insight for customer experience analytics or Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Management system for enterprise-wide, multi-channel data collection or Marketo for marketing automation. You can imagine how many other marketing technology-related services might be sought after by any number of companies around the globe. The same goes for Analytics and Research services. Essentially, it is up to MeasureMatch Buyers (i.e. the companies looking for and buying services) to let us or MeasureMatch Experts know what they need.

Depending on how you #measure it, MeasureMatch is the product James Sandoval's ~20 year digital marketing services career and 7+ years of entrepreneurial adventures focused on marketing technology sales and data services. Or, more specifically, MeasureMatch is the result of what he likes to call "entrepreneurial experiments" between November 2014 and March 2016 when, amongst other things, he attempted to merge several analytics consultancies across Europe. The merger didn't happen, but the experience was enlightening, inspiring and, importantly, it helped to shape what is now MeasureMatch.

These are exceptional freelancers and organizations that sell and provide their services via MeasureMatch.

These are the people in companies who buy services via MeasureMatch.

Nearly all of the people involved in the development of the MeasureMatch service have been freelancers, entrepreneurs or worked in small companies at some time. We know what it's like to hunt for work, do the work, try to hunt for more work at the same time and, invariably, scrape through income-free periods of time. We know how hard it is to be organised, remain motivated, chase for the payment of invoices. It's a lot like the loneliness of the long distance runner. Part of MeasureMatch’s mission is to help them to run their #measure, #martech and #mrx marathons, in comfortable shoes, cheered on by and supported every step of the way, and to cross the finish line with a better result, every single time.

On one side, MeasureMatch is for contingent workers i.e. independent consultants and consultancies with outstanding technology, analytics and research skills and experience. And, of course, on the other side, it is for companies that need to solve related business problems and are open to hiring experts on-demand.

Experts should sign up because it's free, it's potentially a great way to raise their profiles (to be found by Buyers looking to hire) and signing up is required for freelancers to see and express interest in projects posted by MeasureMatch Buyers.

Buyers should sign up because it's free, it’s potentially a great way to find an awesome technology, analytics or insight professional, and signing up is required in order to start looking for MeasureMatch Experts.

MeasureMatch is the provider of a marketplace and the infrastructure to enable Buyers and Experts to conduct a dialogue about prospective project engagements and enter into direct agreements for the provision of relevant project work. The relationship between MeasureMatch and Buyers is governed by the Terms of Service here

Well, why wouldn't they? MeasureMatch, for these organizations, is simply a gateway to potentially valuable work and revenue at a favourable cost.

Yes, MeasureMatch, over time, will introduce and evolve screening processes for new and existing Experts to ensure we are supplying the best possible services professional to Buyers. We will also conduct identity verification and, when necessary, require the submission of one or more identity documents and/or profile photos.

Nothing. It doesn't cost a penny to register and create a MeasureMatch Expert profile. And it doesn't cost anything, except some time, for an Expert to enter into a conversation with a MeasureMatch buyer about a work opportunity. MeasureMatch currently captures 15% of each MeasureMatch work contract.

Our goal is to transfer payment funds to each MeasureMatch Expert within 15 business days following the completion and approval (by both Buyer and Expert) of agreed work milestones or following the completion of the entirety of each project (approved by both Buyer and Expert).

Yes, MeasureMatch guarantees payment for services that are fully rendered by Experts and approved by both Buyers and Experts.

Not yet, but we are looking into a number of them globally. We will no doubt support those that best support the interest of MeasureMatch Experts and Buyers.

James Sandoval started to develop MeasureMatch in early April 2016. Matt O’Neill and Shubu Mitra are both founding investors and advisors. See the About Us page for more details.

Buyers can make payments via any major credit/debit card, bank account and via wire transfer. Additional methods will be introduced over time.

Experts can receive payments directly into their chosen bank account. We’re working on adding other options soon.

While it’s not ideal for us, because clearly s/he is amazing enough to want full-time, we think that’s awesome. As per our Terms of Service, we will need to structure an arrangement to formally release the Expert from the MeasureMatch service to you.

All work created by MeasureMatch Experts becomes the property of MeasureMatch Buyers as per our Terms of Service.

We bill MeasureMatch Buyers at least once per month. When we start to support payment by milestones (in Q1 2017), billing will happen in accordance with the schedule defined between Experts and Buyers.

Credit/Debit cards are charged when payment is due. For those Buyers who require invoicing, payment terms are net 10. When net 10 terms are not acceptable, Buyers are required to pay 50% of the project value in advance, which will be held in escrow until payments to Experts are required.

We currently charge Experts 15% of the value of each contract.

Start searching for Experts, strike up a conversation or three. We designed the MeasureMatch experience for Buyers to centre on these things and entering into project contracts. It’s worth noting that Experts can only start submitting Expressions of Interest in your project(s) after their profiles have reached a specific level of completion. In time, Experts will also need to successfully complete a skills, personality and identity screening process.

Start searching for projects and go back to your profile to ensure you’re positioning yourself and your skills as clearly and persuasively as possible. It is important to know that Experts can only submit an Expression of Interest in projects after their profiles are at a specific level of completion (see your profile for details).

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